Peace of Mind Promise

Our promise that we will do our part to close on time, or we pay you!*

We believe promises are only words until they're backed up in writing. We want you to feel confident in your decision to work with VITEK, so not only do we back our promises in writing, we back them up with our wallet too. Our Peace of Mind Promise program is our genuine commitment and policy on how we conduct business. When you choose VITEK, we promise:

Guaranteed Real-Time Loan Status Updates

State of the art communication system e-mails you frequently during your escrow to update you on your loan activity as it happens.

On-Time Close Commitment*

If VITEK delays scheduled 'close of escrow', you will receive a $50 per day credit up to $250.

Exceptional Value*

If you have final loan approval with VITEK and choose to close with another lender, we will pay you $500.

*Borrower must meet eligibility requirements to receive payment, and must request payment within 30 days after close of escrow. Program is valid as of 7-19-16, but is subject to change at any time without prior notice. Borrower eligibility for "Exceptional Value" payout is contingent upon borrower having final underwriting approval status on current loan with VITEK Mortgage Group. In the event that borrower then chooses to close with another lender, VITEK Mortgage Group will pay borrower the amount of $500. At that time, borrower will be responsible for any and all appraisal costs incurred on current loan transaction with VITEK Mortgage Group, if not already pre-paid by borrower. VITEK Mortgage Group's "On-Time Close Commitment" requires borrower to provide all required documentation requested a minimum of ten business days prior to close of escrow. Agreed upon changes to loan terms must be made at least ten business days prior to scheduled close of escrow. Borrower must allow for a minimum of seventeen business days from time of application to time of close. To permit proper funding and recording time frame, VITEK Mortgage Group requires all borrowers must sign loan documents at least 48 hours prior to the close of escrow. (All government and bond loan programs are excluded from VITEK Mortgage Group's "On-Time Close Commitment".) Borrower understands that they must request payout once they become eligible and no later than 30 days after their close of escrow.

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