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Customer Service Number
Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday: 5:30 am – 8:00 pm Pacific Time
Saturday: 5:30 am – 5:00 pm Pacific Time
Payment Address

VITEK Mortgage Group
P.O. Box 54040
Los Angeles, CA 90054-0040

VITEK Mortgage Group
425 Phillips Blvd
Ewing, NJ 08618

Borrower Written Inquiries

VITEK Mortgage Group
P.O. Box 77404
Ewing, NJ 08628

Send Bills:
Fax: (843) 413-7133
Mail: VITEK Mortgage Group
P.O. Box 77404
Ewing, NJ 08628

Supplemental Property Tax Bill Payment Procedure - VITEK Servicing will not automatically pay supplemental taxes. In order for our Servicing to make the payment, the Supplemental Property Tax Bill must be faxed to 609-538-4005 with a written request stating you are requesting the supplemental bill be paid. The following conditions apply:

  • If there are sufficient funds in your impound account our servicing department will pay them directly to the taxing authority.
  • If your impound account does not have sufficient funds the "extra" balance in the account will be refunded to you and you will have to pay your supplemental taxes to the taxing authority.
  • The second installment will not be automatically paid. You will have to follow the same process above for the second installment.

Hazard Insurance Claims for Loss (Loss Draft Procedures) - Current threshold for the immediate release of funds with the receipt of a Mortgagor’s Affidavit, copy of the Insurance Loss Claim Adjustment and a good payment record (2 or less late payments over 12 month period) is $10,000.00. Over $10,000.00 claim funds are placed in a Restricted Escrow account and funds disbursed on a percentage of work in place verification process. Please forward all information and/or checks received via overnight mail to Loan Servicing.

Claims via Regular Mail: PO Box 202033
Florence, SC 29502-2033
Attention: Hazard Insurance Department
Claims via Overnight Mail: 1323 Celebration Blvd.
Florence, SC 29501
Attn: Loss Draft Claims

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